Invention Contest

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Inventionland Contest

Your students can win! 

Students will compete for the title of Top Inventor and receive not only a trophy and title, but gift cards, certificates and more.

 Other awards and certificates will be given to students for:

  • Best Idea Sketch
  • Best Concept Model (cardboard counts)
  • Best Prototype
  • Best Manufacturable Design
  • Best Package
  • Best Logo
  • Best Video
  • Best Pitch
Inventionland Contest Prizes

Qualifications for Entry

Top Inventor Awards will be given at the middle and high school level. All entrants must teach the Inventionland® Innovation Course to compete. Students should bring all conceptual work to show progress and evolution of the idea to the panel of judges.

Participating schools can receive a one-time stipend up to $250.00 for transportation to and from the Invention Contest, courtesy of Inventionland. Arrange your transportation and we’ll reimburse your costs up to $250.00.

Interested in participating in a future invention contest, but not currently involved in the Inventionland® Innovation Course? Contact us at 800-585-8434 to learn more about our project and cloud-based curriculum today!

 Your school can win! 

The school with the student or team who wins the Top Inventor Award will win: 

  • One year of the Inventionland® Innovation Course for any school in their district ($5,000 value)
  • Teacher training and teacher certificates for that school ($3,000 value)

The Sponsors

“Chevron Corporation and The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation are pleased to support Intermediate Unit One schools and West Virginia schools in their implementation of the Inventionland Curriculum.”

Special thanks to The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Chevron Corporation and IU1 for helping students invent their futures.

We are always looking for help to encourage young students to move toward careers in science, technology, innovation, engineering,problem solving, graphic arts, entrepreneurship and more. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our Invention Contest sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at 800-585-8434.


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