Patenting a New Idea

It’s All About Timing

To patent or not to patent? That is a question that is posed to the professionals at Inventionland. Certainly, there is a time to patent; but, at various steps in the inventing process, the Inventionland crew throws a caution flag up at the mere mention of the word “patent.”

When it comes to patenting, if a client seeks a patent too soon in the inventing process, their patent can be rendered useless once a product idea reaches completion. Why? Because changes are often made to bring a client’s product from an idea to a completed invention. Sometimes those changes can alter a product so much that the patent they sought no longer applies.

The Power of Partnering to Get a Patent

Without a doubt, there is a time to pursue a patent. Clients can sometimes get patent help when they secure a licensing agreement. Companies and corporations are excited to bring new ideas and new technology to the market so when they are presented with a complete idea, engineered drawing and product prototype, in limited circumstances they may be willing to pursue a patent for the inventor.