Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words. Products are Worth Ten Times That.

New invention ideas become workable product samples as a result of Inventionland’s prototyping process. Following the design and engineering processes, which lay out product ideas digitally, the prototyping process creates a tangible sample that can be interacted with and tested.

Throughout the prototyping process, Inventionland builders work closely with designers, but they have the flexibility to make changes if a new product idea is not fitting together or functioning properly. For this reason, interactive testing plays a major role in building a working prototype.

Prototype Development that Goes a Step Above

For Inventionland builders, a 61,000 square-foot design facility is a perfect playground for their essential, and often entertaining, on-site product testing. The Can Pump & Pour, a product that helps keep and restore the fizz to a can of soda, literally left its mark on builders by exploding on them throughout an extensive product testing phase that required several redesigns. This revising and reworking is what separates Inventionland from other product development companies who do not take that extra step

Prototyping Can Lead to Invention Licensing

The prototyping process aligns Inventionland with licensing companies, who may decide to license and manufacture a new product idea, but want to make their own changes.