of Inventionland

The Cut Hut

Taking Over the World One Package at a Time!

Inside the homemade cardboard door that leads to the Inventionland Cut Shop, talented creationeers work together to create cost-effective packaging solutions that appeal to consumers.

Yes, they work hand-in-hand; but, their creative visions often differ. They collaborate to ensure clients, retailers and consumers are presented with the best packaging on the market. These compromises are the successes that you see on store shelves every day.

Cut Hut

Package Design that Gives Inventions an Edge

Take the packaging for the Fuel Helmet, which has sold in Walmart stores. The package design actually allows consumers to try the helmet on for size before even taking it out of the box. The design was a big win with the manufacturer and it knocked the competition off of Walmart’s shelves.

Wrapping Up a Great Idea

The tools of the trade in the Cut Shop include everything from an advanced box-cutting machine, laminating machine, vinyl-cutting machine and vacuum-form machine to simple glue guns. It’s all under one roof, which makes quick, quality packaging turnaround an everyday event at Inventionland.

For just one example of how the Inventionland team gets things done in the Cut Shop, see how the Industrial Design Excellence Award-winning BikeBoard was created, packaged and readied for store shelves.