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Electrical Engineering

Getting Coy with Coils, Conductors, Resistors and More!

For years at Inventionland, electrical engineering has played a role in developing new product ideas that have ranged from inverters to processors. Today, similar technology is taking over to help our clients design robots, radars, drones and more

Programming New Inventions for Success

New products that streamline everyday life are constantly hitting the market to improve existing inventions. Our Creationeers are armed with the engineering savvy to take highly-technological electronic ideas and program them for store-shelf success.

Devising Systems for Devices

From mechanisms in medical devices to the circuit board in your mobile device, electrical engineering plays a vital role in taking new product idea technology into tomorrow. Common components for our Creationeers include coils, conductors and capacitors. What can we say, when it comes to designing systems and programming, they simply cannot resist a good resistor!