of Inventionland

The Metal Shop

Where Art and Technology Collide into Product Prototype Precision

Before you consider stepping into the Inventionland Metal Shop, be warned that you should proceed with caution. The gleaming blades, welding equipment and state-of-the-art plasma cutter are enough to make sparks fly in instantly impressive and undoubtedly dangerous ways.

Metal Shop Door

Great Ideas Get Treated with Unmatched Skill

Only highly-skilled machinists have access to the Metal Shop, where sheet after sheet of every metal from aluminum to steel are at their disposal, waiting to be bent, welded and shaped into the new ideas of tomorrow.

Ideas the Competition Just Can’t Cut

Concept models for products like the Industrial Design Excellence Award-winning Bikeboard and the Meatball Baker, a top seller on QVC, were created in the Inventionland Metal Shop. Those prototypes led to licensing agreements and placement on store shelves.

Whether a new product idea requires standard metal-working tools like a blade, lathe or mill or the technological advancements of a plasma cutter, the Inventionland Metal Shop is a one-stop shop where art and precision collide to make invention prototypes function.