1.) Environment – When preparing your classroom for next school year, think about how your students will feel in the environment you create for them to learn and grow. Optimizing seating arrangements is a great way to ensure each student is engaged in the material you are teaching. A student should never be facing away from the instructor or facing toward something that poses as a distraction. Limiting the amount of distractions is crucial in gaining and keeping the students’ attention span. Classroom décor is another factor to take into consideration when setting up your classroom. Inspirational wall art and interactive teaching materials are important tools in the growth and development of your students.

 2.) Teaching Materials – Students should be able to take a hands-on approach with any teaching materials you use. It is easier to maintain a student’s attention span when they are actively engaged in what you are trying to teach as opposed to them relying on their auditory skills to keep them engaged. When a task incorporates all auditory, motor and visual elements, it is much easier for a student to find and keep interest in the activity. Having teaching materials that help inspire creativity and allow the students to physically create something while learning at the same time are successful ways to ensure the retention of the lesson you are trying to teach.

 3.) Lesson Plans – Do your lesson plans engage your student on every level? Having a lesson plan that incorporates all learning elements is important. Use your lesson plan to interact with the above two elements that will make your classroom a better learning environment. If a student is able to look around and use your classroom décor and teaching materials to help inspire them to be creative and accomplish the task at hand, then you are doing it right. Wall art, inspirational décor and interactive teaching materials all can be manipulated by the student to produce something that both teaches a lesson and has the student’s personal touch.


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