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We’re an immersive work environment, idea incubator, and tourist destination where creativity and imagination are the number one currency!

Our trademarked method of innovation has created all sorts of new products for corporations and you can see some examples of our work in over 1,200 retailers.

Schools from across the country use our innovation curriculum to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving for our next generation of innovators!

Are you an inventor looking for help with your idea? We love creative thinkers! We can refer you to an idea development agency that may be able to help you invent.

Products built by our inventing method can be found at

Home Depot
Rite Aid
Bed Bath & Beyond

Meet our Mascot

Chipper Cloud

Where Ideas Come From

The story of Chipper is a moral that emphasizes the virtue of ingenuity. Chipper shows us that thoughtfulness is superior to brute strength and that when persistence is applied, innovations will appear that will improve the quality of life for others.

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