Shopping for gifts can be a stressful thing. As you’re walking around the mall, these questions are circulating through your mind: Does this person already own this item? Would they like this? Do they watch this show/movie? I can’t remember… Would they like this book instead? What size are they? I can’t ask because then they’ll know I’m getting them clothes… But when you DIY their gift, all of those anxieties and concerns disappear. Not only do you know you’re getting them something completely unique, but you know it will mean more to them because it was made with your own two hands. For all the makers out there, here are some holiday gift DIY ideas.

1) Ring Holder

For the friend who loves to accent their look with a few carefully placed rings, a ring holder is a great and easy to make a gift. Start by cutting a small piece of wood at an angle. Then take the small piece of wood and cut various slits into the wood. For example, cut a small slit into the top and then into the top left corner. Make sure the hole only goes a few centimeters into the wood and not far enough to cut completely through. Take the piece and sand the edges and cover it with polyurethane and let it dry. And you’ve very easily created a rustic artsy ring holder. They’re so easy you could make one for everyone on your list.

2) Wood/Stone Necklace

If you have someone in your life always looking to add new and handmade jewelry pieces to their collection, making them a necklace is the perfect gift. Start by cutting a very thin piece of wood. Once cut, drill two holes into two of the corners of the square wooden piece. Coat the piece in polyurethane and let it dry. Then take a stone of your choice and cut off a triangular piece. It may be helpful to pick a stone with some colors to add a pop of color to the piece. Sand down the edges of the stone piece using a sanding wheel. Superglue the stone piece to one of the bottom corners of the wooden piece that doesn’t have a hole. Then run a chain through the top two holes and you’ve got a stylish rustic necklace to give to a friend.

Inventionland DIY Homemade Holiday Gifts 2

3) Wooden Floating Frame

Get your friend or family member a poster with a fun print, maybe some cool art from their favorite movie, or just something motivational. Then, make it more personal by building the frame yourself. Start with a 1×3 inch pine board at 8 feet. Set your saw to a 45-degree angle and cut and add two inches to the measurement of your print. So, for example, if your print is 16×24, then cut your wood pieces to be 18 and 26 inches. Line up the pieces and use wood glue to connect each of the pieces, holding them together for a few seconds to make sure they stick. If you want to add an extra layer of security, use a nail gun to connect the pieces while they dry. Cut four 8 inch pieces of wood, also at 45-degree angles.

In addition, cut four wood rings or use something small to elevate the wood pieces. Use wood glue to glue the four wooden pieces into the corners of the frame, positioning the wood rings beneath to allow them to be slightly raised into the frame. Let the pieces dry and then paint over the wood with the wood stain of your choice. Use dual-sided hanging tape on the four 8 inch pieces and then place your print into the frame. You can even engrave the frame to give it a more personal touch.

4) Balanced Wine Bottle Display

Two 45 degree cuts that are 8 inches apart and then one and one quarter inch hole that is drilled 5 and ⅞ from the bottom. After everything has been cut, sand the whole and the outer edges of the wood. Then simply finish the wood however you’d like, you can do anything from charring the wood to simply adding a stain. Then test out the gift to make sure it works. Place the piece so that the side with the hole is facing up and so that the bottom piece is flat on a counter. Then place the top of a wine bottle into the hole and watch as it seemingly defies gravity.