Pirate Ship Discovery

Ahoy! Invention ideas ahead

Ship-wrecked in the pristine waters that are also home to Inventionland’s resident shark, the Pirate Ship Discovery was originally created to be the inspirational home for high-tech products and games. State-of-the-art equipment on the ship ensures no ideas are thrown overboard!

Inventron 54

Inventing the future

Home to everything electronic, Inventionland’s Inventron 54 is quick to provide a flash of inspiration for new product ideas in need of custom circuitry, microcontrollers, sensors or other electronic features.

Nursery Nook

Where ideas are born and nurtured

Truly a child’s dream, the Nursery Nook provides an open book of ideas for children’s products like toys, books or other kid-friendly items. When product innovation becomes too much, inventive minds can rest inside the Nursery Nook, which doubles as the world’s largest crib.

Inventionland Motor Speedway

On your mark, get set, INVENT!

Transportation ideas get revved up inside the Inventionland Motor Speedway. Here, new automotive product ideas race to that checkered flag that can only be found on store shelves.

Inventalot Castle

Round table – great ideas

Just as in the whimsical times of King Arthur and his knights, our inspired team of designers and innovators gather in the Inventalot Castle to share ideas and create the new product inventions of tomorrow. This majestic set is complete with a round table, moat and Inventionland’s own coat of arms!

Animation Attic

Where characters come to life

Overseeing all of Inventionland, Animation Attic is truly a place for characters. Thanks to the creativity that pours down from the attic, packaging, marketing and presentation ideas spring to life.

Brainpower Ballpark

Where ideas hit it out of the park

Being a good sport is a must inside of Inventionland’s Brainpower Ballpark. New sports creations and ideas are designed and knocked out of the park that is complete with a scoreboard, fans and foosball!

Crafty Cottage

Stitching together your invention

Though it may look like the dreamt-up design of a children’s fairytale, the Crafty Cottage is home to any new product idea that needs stitched up with love. The cottage is complete with a quilted roof, oversized buttons and aspirations for the fashionable craft and hobby creations of tomorrow.

Davy’s Treehouse

Where ideas take root

Inspired by the ambitious minds of our youth, Davy’s Treehouse is a safe haven for idea exploration. The limitless walls provide a blank canvas that is ready to be filled with creativity.

Creation Cavern

Nature-inspired ideas

What more could outdoor product ideas need than the natural sights and sounds of a cascading waterfall? That, along with bright greens and beautiful butterflies, is exactly what product designers see when they peer out of the Creation Cavern.

Concept Kitchen

Cooking up great inventions

Tasty kitchen and bakeware ideas are cooked and served up inside of Inventionland’s Concept Kitchen each day. Complete with lollipops, gumdrops and other sprinkles of inspiration, this almost-edible set is where delicious idea dreams turn into product reality.

Health and Beauty Boutique

Where beauty lies within the eye of the inventor

In an era where healthy living is a must, Inventionland’s Health and Beauty Boutique is home to new product ideas that make you look and feel your best. From spa-therapy products to beauty essentials, this boutique is capable of pampering one and all!

Pet Shack

New ideas – man’s best friend

If a new product idea is something that one of our four-legged, feathered or finned friends would love, the designers inside of Inventionland’s Pet Shack are begging to create it. The inspiration that surrounds them is so real, it tweets without a hashtag!

Creativity Cabin

Packaging your creative ideas

By design, most product packaging is made of paper, which comes from wood. So, “woodn’t” you agree that a log cabin is the perfect place to inspire creative package design? Whether a new product is innovatively designed to fit inside, outside or around the box, it can all be done at Inventionland’s Creativity Cabin.

Home Sweet Home

A home for great ideas

Inventionland’s Home Sweet Home is the perfect setting to create and test new home goods and housewares ideas. Designers and their new product ideas are welcome to make themselves at home in the comfortable bedroom, living room or dining room.