For all the makers out there who enjoy woodworking projects, there’s nothing quite like the smell of wood, freshly cut by your miter saw. Or the feel of a board right after it’s been sanded, the rough edges suddenly going smooth and almost soft. Or the view after a piece has been transformed by a particularly nice finish, going from looking like a construction project to a high-quality piece of furniture that you could even, dare you say, sell. For all the woodworkers out there itching for their next build, here are some projects with very re-wooding results.

Outdoor Chair

Picture this: you’re sitting on the back porch on a cool autumn afternoon, a book in hand, a mug with some English Breakfast tea sitting on the table beside you. The sounds of birds chirping fills the distance, the leaves rustling when a cool breeze blows by and makes you lose your page temporarily. The blanket on your legs is soft and warm and you hear the distant sound of a lone car driving by.

Porch furniture can be surprisingly expensive and the old chair you got from that garage sale you dragged your partner to just isn’t cutting it anymore. Instead of resigning yourself to a fall indoors, task yourself to build a porch chair. Maker Angela Marie on YouTube walks you step by step through her process of creating a gorgeous porch chair for only $30 in lumber.

Outdoor couch

Also coming from YouTube Maker Angela Marie, a matching DIY outdoor couch. Picture all the backyard parties you’ll be able to host with one of these, the smell of campfire and apple cider filling the outdoor space as your friends gab excitedly about their plans to go to the pumpkin patch next weekend. This build will only cost you $30 in lumber as well and has a very similar make to the outdoor chair so, if you make one of those, you’re already halfway there. If you plan to build both the chair and couch, simply make sure you find matching cushions and finishes for the wood and you’ll end up with a DIY matching porch furniture set, all for less than the price of one porch chair.

Computer Desk

For those of us whose work-from-home situations have unexpectedly become a permanent fixture in our lives, a nice home office desk is a must. Maker Craig from the YouTube channel Build it Better has created a build for an L-shaped farmhouse-style computer desk, all for under $100. The build is sturdy, stylish, and is made entirely of 2×4’s and 2×6’s so it’s relatively easy to accomplish. Additionally, given the L-shape, it’s very easy to tuck into the corner of any room in your house.


Any book lovers out there know the struggle they face when their bookshelf is getting dangerously full. It halts our lives in a way it doesn’t for many other hobbies because if we don’t have the space, we can’t buy any new books and that’s just a travesty. Have we read all the books currently on our shelves? Nope. Do we promise that we will before we buy new books? Yup. Do we ever keep that promise? Not once.

For the book lovers with little self-control, this easy six-foot bookshelf build by Home Depot is a life-saver. With an incredibly easy-to-follow cut list, material list, and video demonstration, you can easily and affordably add a new bookshelf to your home and, subsequently, head to Barnes & Noble to start to fill it out.

Bed Frame

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bed frame or perhaps looking to add one to your guest room, SEB TECH DIY has you covered! His easy 5-minute video tutorial gives you a nice visual of the make, while his handy Instructable (linked in the description) breaks down each stage of the build more thoroughly so you can be sure to get the dimensions and steps down perfectly. He was able to purchase all of the materials needed from his local hardware store and it’s perfect for a king-size mattress. SEB TECH DIY lists many other build instructions on his Instructable as well, including a modern planter, truck rack, snack tray, and wine rack.