As a maker, you’re always on the hunt for your next challenge. Even when you’re in the middle of a build, you’re always looking ahead to the next project. Will you try your hand at woodworking and build yourself some new outdoor patio furniture? Or perhaps 3D print yourself some new tools or home decor? Or how about you make your way over to your laser cutter, where you build anything from holiday gifts for loved ones to an expensive-looking leather wallet using laser cutting.

Holiday Gifts

Challenge yourself to make some awesome laser-cutting gifts for family and friends this holiday season. Whether you’re building a DIY Tie Fighter for the Star Wars geek in your life or a treasure chest to surprise your imaginative niece, MakeTech has got you covered. They include both the laser cut wood project files on Thingiverse as well as a step-by-step instructional video on how to build each item. And the best part? You can either assemble the parts yourself or leave them as a puzzle for your loved one (depending on how much of a maker they are themselves).

DIY Lantern

If you’d like to make some gorgeous and unique home decor while also getting some professional laser-cutting tips, check out this DIY lantern project from Further Fabrication. The detailing on the piece is gorgeous and it’s a perfect accent piece for anything from your library to an outdoor patio. And the video itself walks you through the Maker’s design and build process from start to finish so, even if you follow along with his plan for this project, perhaps it’ll inspire you to make your next design an original one.

Leather Wallet

To create a gorgeous leather wallet you can either treat yourself to or give as a gift, challenge yourself with this Little King Goods design. The website, linked in the description, includes many downloadable PDF patterns and even different items such as a notebook sleeve, apple watch strap, tote bag, scribe journal, and iPad cover. And, as an added bonus, the step-by-step instructional video doubles as an ASMR video and is sure to leave you relaxed and inspired.

DIY Jewelry

Finally, challenge yourself to make some DIY jewelry with your laser cutter. That could include anything from a cool geometric necklace to some funky DIY earrings. MakeTech created a tutorial that walks you step by step through how to build your own mushroom, skull, or guitar earrings. Whether you follow their designs or create your own, creating wearable pieces like this is a great way to work your maker hobbies into conversation (even though you already do).