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Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are made of a variety of materials.

But, this bicycle, in particular, is out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s a 3D-printed bicycle that’s made of solid ash wood and aluminum.

Amsterdam designer Paul Timmer is using 3D printing to print out bicycle parts at a rapid rate.

Recently, Timmer not only designed, but also built a bicycle that’s made completely out of wood and 3D-printed aluminum parts.

Though you might think aluminum and wood aren’t the most alluring of materials, Timmer has created a more streamlined design through the innovative technology of 3D printing.

The bicycle is constructed of solid ash wood, which provides a quality finish, and custom-made 3D-printed aluminum parts rather than veneer or plywood that’s commonly used for other wooden bicycle prototypes.

Additionally, Timmer used ‘forks’ in order to form a triangle from the handlebar area down to the 3D-printed chain, which was made from a clean belt drive and keeps the wood grain as clean and pristine as possible, all the while increasing durability.

Not only are these 3D-printed bicycles a great, innovative idea, they are also extremely eco-friendly AND recyclable!

The bikes weigh in at about 24 pounds, which makes traditional bikes seem bulky in comparison to the sleek design of Timmer’s invention.

To this point, the wooden frame provides exceptional comfort and all of the vibrations that are usually felt from bumps in the road are instantly absorbed.

As of right now, Timmer’s 3D-printed bicycle is the only one on the market that utilizes 3D-printed aluminum parts for stability and added strength.

By using 3D printing to create his invention, Timmer was given the creative freedom to add his personal style and knowledge into his finished product, the 3D-printed bicycle.

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