Imagine waking up one morning and on your way to work, you pass a 3D printed car driving down the road. Something out of a dream, right? Well, for the residents of Tempe Arizona, a small town just south of Phoenix, it’s a reality.

Thanks to Local Motors, an Arizona-based auto manufacturer, 3D printed cars are no longer just a figment of your wildest imagination.

The project all started with a drive to create something worth showing off at auto shows across the country. In order to make this possible, however, the team at Local Motors needed some outside help.

They got in touch with Cincinnati Inc., a company with the technology responsible for creating the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine, a 3D printer capable of laying a remarkable 40 pounds of plastic per hour with hairpin precision.

The car, called Strati, was not the first car to be 3D printed; however, it was printed in record time. Similar vehicles like the Urbee 2, created by engineer Jim Kor, took 2500 hours to complete.The Strati took six days.

Constructed of 40, 3D printed pieces, the Strati was deemed roadworthy, sending a new wave of innovation through the automaker community. Because their initial vehicle was so successful, Local Motors has now set their sights on launching an initiative to create 3D printed vehicles for sale to the general public.

As a result of a collaborative group effort, Local Motors was able to turn their dream into fully-fledged work of art that reflects just how far modern day technology has advanced the 3D printing world. Thanks to companies like Local Motors, we may see 3D printed vehicles become a part of our everyday lives.