Even though National Fun at Work Day has come and gone, for us at Inventionland, we consider every day to be Fun at Work Day, especially when food and trivia are involved!

One may be hard-pressed to find a designer, an engineer or maker that doesn’t thrive on knowledge and the learning process. It’s as if there is an inherent need for knowledge and understanding instilled within creators. We thrive on information we gain and look forward to opportunities to apply it. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

So what happens when you gather a roomful of innovative thinkers?

We found out on Thursday, January 28th as we celebrated National Fun at Work Day at Inventionland!

Many enjoyed food as fuel for the last hour of a successful work day as Industrial Designer and resident end-of-month party planner Sarah laid out a delicious spread of toppings for a Hot Dog Happy Hour, with the help of Inventionland’s go-to guy for Special Operations, Michael.

Hot Dog Happy Hour - Hot Dog Line

National Fun at Work Day proved to be just that, as well as an intriguing meeting of the minds as all put pencils to paper to answer perfectly-themed trivia – without the help of handy iPhone and Android devices! It was all brain power, which was fitting as the gathering was held in our very own Brainpower Ballpark. Brainpower Ballpark complete with hot dogs? Hot dogs and baseball – a combination that goes together like yin and yang!

Trivia questions ranged from easy to head-scratching hard, but the end result – no matter the question – was a lot of fun!

Even our founder and CEO George Davison got in on the trivia action with a few fun questions he found to be particularly peculiar. Check them out! Do you know the answers?

Hot Dog Happy Hour - Trivia - Mr. Davison

“Who averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?”

Hot Dog Happy Hour - Trivia - Multiple Choice

“Which American city invented plastic vomit?”

Test your knowledge some more and check out even more of our trivia questions!

Hot Dog Happy Hour - CricketsHot Dog Happy Hour - PlanetHot Dog Happy Hour - States

Check our Twitter page this week for the answers to these trivia questions! See if some of them have you stumped, too!

Hot Dog Happy Hour - Trivia - Stumped

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