Step aside Easy Bake Ovens, there’s a new toy in town, and that is the child-friendly 3D printer!

A Santa Barbara, California-based company by the name of Mission Street Manufacturing has invented a 3D printer that is geared toward school children. This latest and greatest invention is called the Printeer and is so child-friendly that the ins and outs of this printer can be learned in about 30 seconds.

The mission of this invention is to make the world of 3D printing accessible to kids, in order to let them creatively express themselves with a boost from emerging technology.

This colorful new invention is designed to appeal to kids with its fun, brightly-colored parts that are safely displayed behind clear Perspex panels.

To play with the Printeer, all that a kid needs is an iPad and the ability to draw, in order to help them create their plastic masterpieces!

For those of you who are well-versed in 3D printing, this invention doesn’t include CAD programs or other intermediary tools. In fact, the machinery itself is child-friendly due to its easily-removable platform and, as we mentioned before, the transparent shell that shows how all the parts work together.

At Inventionland, we fully support STEM education, or the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. That’s why an invention like the Printeer is near and dear to our hearts, because at the core of this invention is helping educate young minds on the basics of design and engineering!


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