Today is National Cupcake Day! Celebrate by taking a look at one of Inventionland’s sweetest design sets, the Concept Kitchen!

If you’ve ever taken a tour around our invention factory you’ve surely seen the cupcake-shaped set that serves up fresh ideas daily.

This sweet set is partially thanks to former Project Coordinator Nathan, who is now working with our friends at the Inventionland Institute as their Executive Director. Nathan was largely instrumental in the creation of many of the sets, including our resident cupcake.

According to Nathan, when deciding on the ingredients for the Concept Kitchen, our design team at Inventionland turned to none other than Grandma for inspiration.

Concept Kitchen - Sketch

Whenever we brainstormed, we were thinking of the whole ‘grandma’s kitchen’ thing, which kind of just took our minds to baking, then baked goods, then cupcakes!” he said.

As you can see in the original sketch, the cupcake appeared as the façade of the top, front window. With a larger serving size in mind, all of the cooks in the kitchen mixed up something even more different and unique for the front of the house.

The cupcake would soon become the main exterior feature of the Concept Kitchen. Exactly ten years ago today, this large cupcake was still baking in the oven as features were hand-carved to take shape. Take a look!

Concept Kitchen - In the Making

With innovation in mind, the Concept Kitchen would later receive a makeover, all thanks to a product developed here at Inventionland.

Concept Kitchen - Painted

“It used to be a different color (green) and then whenever the Half N Half Cupcake product came out, we painted it Half N Half to go with that product. One side is vanilla and the other is chocolate,” said Nathan.

No matter if the cupcake-shaped set is pistachio green, chocolate or vanilla, the design team members that work inside this sweet set say that, like so many of Inventionland’s sets, the Concept Kitchen satisfies their creative appetites!

“The whole building is a unique environment that has really done its job and increased my creativity, not just at work, but in my personal life as well,” said Inventionland’s Tracy.

 “I love working in the Cupcake! It’s so bright and cheerful, which makes being at work enjoyable. The Cupcake also gets a lot of visitors, so it’s great to see different people coming in and out all day,” said Tracy’s cupcake-mate Nikole.

We’re sure hearing that is just the icing on top of the cupcake for Field and the entire team involved in the creation of Inventionland’s Concept Kitchen. Happy National Cupcake Day!

Before you go, check out these pictures from the creation of the Concept Kitchen:

Concept Kitchen - In the MakingConcept Kitchen - In the MakingConcept Kitchen - In the MakingConcept Kitchen - In the Making

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