It was a day of innovation for Fort Cherry School District students who visited Inventionland.

Recently, the doors to Inventionland were opened for students from the Fort Cherry School District. From the moment they pulled in to our invention factory, they were immediately intrigued by our creative design facility.

“It all culminated when we went into the Inventionland Institute Workshop,” said tour guide-extraordinaire Sam. “Mr. Davison talked a little about how they approach a problem and overcome those problems. The core of inventing is observing the problem, so he went through a bunch of things that we do and how we solve them,” he said.

Students even brought in one of their own inventions to show off!

While the students mentioned it was just a rough prototype, Sam said that founder and CEO Mr. Davison was impressed.

“Mr. Davison categorized this as one of the best prototypes he ever saw out of a high school,” said Sam, who agreed that the prototype was innovative.

Fort Cherry Inventionland TourFort Cherry Inventionland Tour

“It was like a big Game Boy or controller that hooked up to a gaming device to enable people who may have motor skill disabilities to navigate, type, correspond and do all kinds of things,” said Sam.

Not only did the students get to show off what they built, they also had the opportunity to work on some projects at Inventionland.

 Fort Cherry Inventionland Tour

With the help of Mr. Davison and Creationeer Matt, students got down to business in the Workshop. It was there that they worked diligently to build a pencil holder that was originally designed by Matt himself with cardboard pieces that were cut with the help of Inventionland’s laser cutter.

“I was surprised at how quickly they built it,” said Matt. “There were 31 parts to this layered pencil holder and they have to go together in a certain order, so I just verbally told them to work their way backwards and they went right along with it, starting with 31 and working their way up to one. They didn’t need much help,” said Matt.

Fort Cherry Inventionland TourFort Cherry Inventionland Tour IMG_0521Fort Cherry Inventionland TourFort Cherry Inventionland TourFort Cherry Inventionland Tour

“They got to build it in real time as Matt and Mr. Davison helped,” said Sam, who observed obvious excitement from the students.

Matt noted this excitement as well. “It was nice to see and it went so smoothly, so I was happy.”

“I think they were just in awe,” said Sam. “They had no idea what to expect. Inventionland is overwhelming to a large degree, and they were just so excited.”

We think that it’s safe to say that these students from the Fort Cherry School District had a great time while visiting our invention factory!

Fort Cherry Inventionland Tour

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