From dad to designer, Corporate Industrial Designer John gets the job done! Watch as John shares his personal and professional story in this new video episode of Inside Inventionland!

On a daily basis, Inventionland Corporate Industrial Designer John’s job-related tasks vary as he handles everything from new product design, engineering, prototyping, building, finishing and sometimes even packaging. For John, diving right into each and every project in various capacities is something he enjoys, as it offers him the opportunity to continuously use his skills and creativity in different ways.

“My interests have been in art and the creative fields since I was super young,” said John. “Drawing, tracing, sketching, painting, sculpting – all of that stuff since I was a kid,” continued John. Speaking of being a kid, in this new video episode of Inside Inventionland, John takes us from his designer duties to his dad duties as he talks with us about his young daughter. From dad to designer!

Ask him why he wanted to be an industrial designer or designer in general and John will tell you a very interesting story. “I didn’t!” John said. We’ll let John explain in his Inside Inventionland video! Watch now below!

As you’ve learned from John, Inventionland’s unique environment has a lot to offer. “I like Inventionland because of the freedom that it affords. I like Inventionland because of the resources that it offers me. I can come here whenever I need to and get whatever I want done,” said John.

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