What qualities does former President Abraham Lincoln share with our Creationeers? Read on to find out!

This Presidents’ Day, we celebrate the one and only United States President to ever hold a patent for one of his inventions. President Abraham Lincoln was granted patent No. 6,469 on May 22, 1849 for a flotation system for lifting riverboats stuck on sandbars.

In his patent application, Lincoln stated:

Abraham Lincoln - President's DayBe it known that I, Abraham Lincoln, of Springfield, in the county of Sangamon, in the state of Illinois, have invented a new and improved manner of combining adjustable buoyant air chambers with a steam boat or other vessel for the purpose of enabling their draught of water to be readily lessened to enable them to pass over bars, or through shallow water, without discharging their cargoes…”

 Not unlike many of our Creationeers here at Inventionland, Lincoln was known for his interest in engineering and mechanics. But he shares something else in common with many inventors and creators as a whole.

For many designers and engineers, it’s a beautiful thing to see your name on a patent as a sort of testament to say, “I created that!”

While it is one thing to see your name on a patent, at Inventionland, this feeling of accomplishment is further enhanced when a final working prototype is in hand. It’s a moment when skilled designers, engineers, builders and the like can really say not only “I created that,” but also “It works!”

Our founder and CEO George Davison, an inventor himself, attests to the value of a working prototype.

“There is a reason why we used to be required to build the invention or device before we could show it to the patent office. Reality meant something and proof that the concept would work was required… It’s why we still build our inventions to demonstrate them to the world…”

And, build we will! Here’s to Presidents’ Day and the start of another busy week at Inventionland!

In honor of our 16th president, here’s a look at his very own patent, No. 6,469:

 Abraham Lincoln - President's Day



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