It’s not all too often you are given an inside look at the Inventionland creationeers – the real people who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to inspire creativity daily. If you’re in need of a little motivation and inspiration this Monday, see what inspires this Inventionland designer!

Many of us may take one look at the artist’s rendering of Pittsburgh pictured above and instantly be inspired… but, when you learn that the artist behind that painting was none other than Inventionland Designer Tess, that inspiration and instant admiration may continue to grow!

 Tess Kamban - Motivation Monday

This Pittsburgh-proud painting is just a small sliver of Tess’ own personal motivation. She says that art has played a huge role in her life for longer than she can even remember.

“I have enjoyed art ever since I can remember. Everyone has always been extremely encouraging, even at a very young age. Even in grade school, my mom could pick my pieces out instantly from the rest of my class,” said Tess.

Her early love of art developed into a passion for creating fine art, which she pursues today.

“I have always been passionate about fine art, creating something out of practically nothing is truly gratifying for me. I am always striving to create innovative works with a unique perspective,” said Tess.


That passion has not only provided Kamban with an outlet for expressing herself, but it allows her to help others make their own personal statements.

“I often choose animals and nature for subjects, but also love the challenge of what others come up with! I am often asked to do commission work for people both for themselves or to give as gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas etc. It’s great to help people give such a personal one-of-a-kind gift,” she said, who also said it is a great feeling when others share an appreciation for her work.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when people recognize my work; it’s great to know my style has an impact. I love it when people enjoy my work, because I absolutely love making them!” said Tess.

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Special thanks to Inventionland designer Tess for sharing a little of her artistic inspiration and personal motivation today!

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