On Wednesday, July 13th, the Chef Tony Mega Bacon Pan (Grease Away Bacon Pan) made an appearance on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David.” Keep reading to see how the segment PAN-ned out!

When it comes to innovative bakeware solutions, our Creationeers are seasoned veterans. After all, they’ve designed both the products and the packaging for many kitchen tools, like the PushPerfect 8” Brownie Pan with Slicing Grid that was featured on QVC’s Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn.

While this pan brought QVC viewers a little something sweet, they recently got a taste of something savory as the Inventionland-designed Mega Bacon Pan aired on QVC’s In the Kitchen with David.

Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro was back in David Venable’s kitchen last week, demonstrating the innovation behind the Chef Tony Mega Bacon Pan or as QVC has dubbed it, the “Grease Away Bacon Pan with Tongs by Chef Tony.”

“You’re looking at this very ingenious way to cook bacon…” said David of the bacon pan.

This wasn’t our Creationeers’ first bacon pan design either. The improved Mega Bacon Pan is “generation two” of the original Chef Tony Bacon Baker. While the original product served its purpose, our Creationeers knew that there’s always room for innovation, so that’s what they set out to accomplish.

From product design to packaging, our Creationeers set out to bring on more bacon by creating a two-part pan with baking sheet and wire rack that not only holds 18 slices of bacon to be cooked at one time, but also elevates each slice out of its own grease on a diagonal, so the fats and oils drain away for the most crisp and flavorful slices of bacon yet.

Grease Away Bacon Pan

“This is smart, smart technology,” David said, which is a huge compliment to our Creationeers, who work hard to bring innovative new solutions to even the most everyday tasks – like cooking bacon!

During the segment, both Chef Tony and David Venable showcased the perfectly-cooked bacon, which the pan allows to cook on its side.

“We say goodbye grease, hello flavor!” said Chef Tony, as he was showcasing the product to viewers across the country.

Not only did Chef Tony feature the bacon-making abilities of the Grease Away Bacon Pan, he also demonstrated how this product can make a myriad of foods, like jerkies and even healthy chicken breasts!

QVC fans absolutely loved the product! We’ve even been informed that the Grease Away Bacon Pan will be hitting QVC airwaves again in the very near future!

Those dates and times are still waiting to be finalized, but when they are, you can bet that we’ll let you know!

Until then, just in case you might have missed it or would like to see this innovative product in action again, we have the clip ready for your viewing pleasure!

Without further ado, here’s our Grease Away Bacon Pan on last week’s QVC “In the Kitchen with David” segment!

Goodbye grease; hello flavor. Now that’s Innovation Delivered®.

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