Even though the 2016/2017 school year has come to a close for students, teachers are still hard at work preparing for next school year. What most people don’t know is that before a teacher can implement our Innovation Curriculum, they must go through extensive training and actually complete the course themselves.

This time last year, there were seven schools signed up to implement the Inventionland Innovation Course. Thanks to the help of our professional education associates and the hard work of our sales team, we have expanded into thirty schools. That’s a lot of teachers to train!

Training teachers is something our staff loves to do, especially when working with passionate educators who are just as eager about the course as we are. It is always interesting to see how the teachers apply their skills in the course and how they adapt their skills after they begin teaching the students.

We have team members on the road nearly every week venturing out to partnering schools, helping administrators understand and implement our course so that each student can take away all that the curriculum has to offer.

“It is always a pleasure to watch the teachers make their final ‘shark tank’ presentations,” said our lead trainer, Nathan. “Knowing that each student is going to be taught by someone who fully understands what this course can do for students, is always a reassuring feeling”.

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