Today, on National Storytelling Day, we’d like to share a story with you about packaging.

The story begins with you walking up and down the aisles of your favorite store. From floor to ceiling, there are products that are wrapped in different colors, with different fonts and of different sizes.

Some get lost in the shuffle while others stop you in your tracks and entice you to pick that product up off of the shelf and do a little investigating.

It’s the latter product packaging that we strive to design here at Inventionland.

To us, product packaging is the best storyteller.  Why? Because through visuals, different shapes and materials, the consumer is able to gain a level of understanding as to what that particular product can offer them.

Creativity Cabin, which is home to the Packaging Department, is a place where products get dressed for success. It’s in this area of Inventionland that the product packaging story begins.

So, what goes into our packaging designs day in and day out? We asked one of Inventionland’s best this exact same question.

For Graphic Designer, Tess, simplicity is key, “You want your buyer to easily understand what the product you are selling does without them have to dig for it. I am a stickler for composition; you don’t want your elements to compete, but rather lead the eye where you want it to go, making it easy for them to understand the story you are trying to tell.”

Tess’ packaging philosophy is closely aligned with the simplicity of our packaging process.

Our graphic designers and packaging engineers work together to create attractive, cost-effective packaging solutions that tell the story of a product.

An example of this creative collaboration is the product packaging that we recently created for the Paula Deen Hugs Premium Select Pet Food.

Our Inventionland team designed the dog food packaging from the photos to the graphics and much more. The goal was to tell the story of the nutritional benefits that this particular pet food can offer consumers and their furry four-legged friends.  It was our job to create packaging that clearly articulated this story on each bag of pet food.

To that point, according to, there are two fundamental factors of packaging that are commonly overlooked. These include the fact that “packaging is the only marketing vehicle that 100% of the consumers who buy your product see,” and, “the package is really the only vehicle that you have 100% control over in-store.”

It’s these two points that we fully understand at Inventionland. Product packaging acts as the bait that lures the consumer in to the product and, if done properly, will reel that consumer in to bite and purchase that product.

So, on National Storytelling Day, here’s a look at just two of the creative minds from the Packaging Department that help tell stories through packaging every day.

Trevor Kemmerer- National Storytellling Day

Trevor is hard at work designing product packaging.

Shannon Riley - National Storytelling Day

Shannon nails another great idea for product packaging.

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