The Imperial Spherificator is turning just about anything into tiny, caviar- like spheres, as pictured above from Keep reading to learn more!

It was once thought that caviar was only for the rich. However, thanks to the Imperial Spherificator, caviar-like food will hopefully be made for the masses.

Now, it’s not just any type of caviar; in fact, it’s custom caviar. For instance, the Imperial Spherificator has created mint and black currant pearls for a desert and tabasco pearls for oysters, to name a few.

Now, not every food can be transformed into this delicacy. After all, it might be hard to turn a pork chop into spheres.

But, that’s beside the point. In fact, fruits, vegetables and spices are all fair game.

The process that the Spherificator uses isn’t new. It’s actually well known in the molecular gastronomy world.

Generally, a small syringe is used in order to create the small caviar-like spheres. However, the Imperial Spherificator simplifies the process with an adjustable, powdered mechanism that produces the perfect, uniform sphere each and every time.

Let’s take a better look at the Imperial Spherificator process. It begins with either a ready-made liquid or a blend of your choice that is then poured into the device along with the alginate.

From there, a person can dispense the liquid from the Spherificator into a bowl of cold water and calcium chloride. When these two meet, a chemical reaction follows and creates a thin membrane that traps the liquid in a soft squishy sphere.

The roe-like product is then removed with a strainer, rinsed and used as desired.

Check out this quick video to get a better look at the Imperial Spherificator process!

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