FLUX has shown an influx of innovation with their latest invention and touts that they can bring your imagination to life!

The invention that we are talking about combines elements of a desktop circuit printer, laser cutters and 3D printers all into one.

How can FLUX build such a machine? The crème de la crème is found in the modular head that can be swapped out to perform different tasks.  For instance, it can change from a 3D printer to a laser engraver to a 3D scanner.

In short, this means that FLUX’s latest machine is an all-in-one 3D printer.  The machine will be able to scan objects, then transform into a laser cutter/engraver.

Let’s take a better look at what this all-in-one printer can do:

  • Modular design– This will allow the user to customize his or her FLUX experience in order to meet their specific needs. The modules are equipped with magnets, which makes interchangeability easy!
  • 3D printing– By using high resolution stepper motors to print objects of great quality, the FLUX 3D printer is equipped with three cooling fans that make printing with precision at top speeds plausible without the risk of over-heating.
  • 3D scanning– The FLUX comes with a built-in 3D scanner that allows the user to clone 3D objects in a cinch; think of it as a copy machine!
  • Laser engraving– This feature allows the user to personalize his or her creation and is the first interchangeable module that can take creativity to the next level.

FLUX 3D Printed Apple

FLUX’s picture above shows an apple that was scanned and then 3D printed by their machine.

But, aside from the fact that this FLUX invention has the ability to do these jobs through one convenient machine, FLUX, as a company, has more to offer too!

For instance, the company is advertising a 3D modeling system that will allow a user to create a 3D object by drawing a 2D picture!

This will make it easy for people to get their ideas to a 3D printer without having to know everything about 3D modeling.

Here is a quick trailer for the FLUX 3D printer:

As of late, the Kickstarter campaign for FLUX’s all-in-one 3D printer has over $1 million pledged toward the company’s efforts.  Only time will tell what the future of this invention has in store!

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