As fall is in full effect and winter is on the horizon, we’re sandwiched in between the two seasons and the result is often times wet weather.

With that being said, rain isn’t the only thing that’s pouring; in fact, the invention at the center of today’s blog, the Air Umbrella, is dripping with innovation, too!

The Air Umbrella is exactly what it sounds like- an umbrella made of air. Not sure what we mean? Check it out!

This rod-shaped invention is equipped with a motor, rechargeable lithium battery and a fan blade. So, with everything that we just listed, you might be asking yourself, “How on earth could this keep me dry?”

The answer: The Air Umbrella takes in air below the fan blade and then forces it out with such force that the falling rain around you gets redirected.

As of right now, this invention’s Kickstarter project is available in three varieties, Models A, B and C, which come with an adjustment controller on the bottom of the device that gives the user the ability to adjust the speed of the motor depending on the rainfall.

Each of the three models has their own distinct characteristics. For instance, Model A is marketed towards females and is about 12 inches long, making it compact enough to fit into a ladies handbag. It has 15 minutes of battery life while Model B is around 20 inches long and has 30 minutes of battery life. Finally, Model C is extendable and its length can range anywhere from 20 to 32 inches; it also has 30 minutes of battery life.

Now, the Air Umbrella isn’t the first of its kind; but, it has the potential to be the first one sold on the market.

The verdict isn’t out yet if the Air Umbrella will take the market by storm. However, at its core, this new invention could potentially offer users a better way to stay dry and alleviate the common annoyances that are associated with traditional umbrellas like blowing inside-out due to high winds!

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