Inventionland is known as being the idea incubator for all sorts of ideas. An idea came through the doors one day, for a learning environment that would help inspire students to be creative, well beyond any traditional means. Inventionland, eager to take on this task, wanted to do something outside of the box.

The “Creativeland” as we like to call it, is a part of the latest services our education division is now offering. It takes edu-tainment to a whole new level. Months of planning and hard work went into planning and finishing the very first of these Creativeland spaces but the outcome was well worth the effort!

Haine Elementary (Seneca Valley School District) is now the proud home to the first of these innovation spaces! Many obstacles and challenges stood in our way, but with hard work and determination, it all paid off. 

How did the idea for this mini-Inventionland come to life?

The daughter of an educational advisor at the school came to tour Inventionland and was overwhelmed by our creative environment. After going home and sharing with her parents what Inventionland was, the parents just had to see it for themselves.

Fast-forward a few weeks; after getting a few school board members here for a tour one school administrator jokingly said to Founder, Mr. Davison “I wish I could just take this place and move it to our school”. Thus, the idea for these innovative learning environments was born.

Now, children have a place where they can learn and be inspired which takes a step outside of the everyday “run-of-the-mill” learning environment. What better way to teach innovation than in an environment that inspires creativity?

This Creativeland comes equipped with state of the art technology, trees, wall graphics, clouds which encompass the lighting fixtures, a green screen, and of course; an Inventionland treehouse to top it all off.

Students are now able to learn STEM and STEAM concepts in a fully immersive learning environment that inspires creativity. The students in this Creativeland will be using our newly released elementary curriculum where they will learn problem-solving, teamwork and presentation skills.

A project of this scale deserved a ribbon cutting ceremony! Last night school board members, Inventionland team members, and students attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the Creativeland space.

The students were absolutely overwhelmed when they go to see their new learning environment. This is a huge step into 21st-century learning type environments that we hope will inspire other schools to seek creative spaces like this. In turn, we believe that it will help inspire students to be creative. The traditional classroom style just isn’t cutting it anymore and it is time for something new.

A major driving factor behind this project was to introduce students to the type of environment that successful companies have adopted. Companies like Google have used this same type of creative environment for years. These types of environments are beginning to catch on and are starting to foster a new generation of creative minds. Why not follow the lead of these successful companies, and teach students in an environment that has proven to help enhance performance, creativity and overall morale?

Will this new type of learning environment increase the likelihood of these students one day going and working in a creative facility like Google? Only time will tell!

Take a step into the 21st century and be one of the first schools to have these creative environments built for your students to learn and grow!