Inventionland’s education curriculum is continuing to grow in popularity! In the hope of continuing this growth, Inventionland began discussing its education goals with 21st Century Schools; an association of school administrators and educators. 21stCentury Schools is an organization run by Anne Shaw, an avid 21st-century education enthusiast who has begun writing a series of newsletters on Inventionland.

Anne’s organization focuses on education in the modern age and teaches educators how they can adapt their skills so that their lessons remain relevant. They focus on three “core” philosophies including physical environment, emotional/social environment and academic environment, all of which make up the three “compasses” that 21st-century education is built on.

So far, Anne has published the first in a series of twelve newsletters highlighting our company as a whole and our efforts in education. Sign up for her newsletter and catch up on the first story she published, here!