The Inventionland Innovation course was featured in a story from a leading educational publisher! eSchool News did a story on how the Inventionland Curriculum is really hitting home with both teachers and students alike who are witnessing the benefits from the course, first hand. ‘The 9 Reasons Why Students Love Innovation Based Courses’ is an article that plays off of our 9-step inventing method which is at the heart of our Innovation Curriculum.

More recently, instructors and educators have been implementing project-based learning and hands-on activities that are engaging the students on a whole new level. The Inventionland Innovation Curriculum and other project-based learning curricula are the courses that do just that. ‘The 9 Reasons Why Students Love Innovation Based Courses’ was such a popular topic that yet another leading educational publisher published the article.

Education Dive also did a feature on the article not even a few days after its original publication! They took a different approach to conveying the message of the story, check it out!

Do you want to be in on the latest news regarding these cutting-edge educational practices? See for yourself what eSchool News had to say about our course!


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