Inventionland is proud to announce that we are finally expanding our curriculum reach to elementary students! This past Wednesday, fifteen eager children ranging in ages 5-12 journeyed to Inventionland to participate in a focus group activity. These lucky children got the first glimpse at what students will soon be able to experience this fall when five pilot schools adopt our elementary curriculum.

Students got to experience Inventionland first hand while testing out our latest curriculum innovation. Partners and educators have been urging us for some time now to look into expanding our curriculum to the minds of young children after seeing the effect it has had on older students. Well, the time has come and we are proud to say our curriculum will be available to elementary schools this fall!

Amidst all of the hands on workshops and activities, students also got the chance to tour Inventionland, check out some of our “Dare to Invent” videos and have a pizza party.

“This would make learning a whole different experience,” said fifth grader Angelo.

We are just as excited as the students to see the effect our new curriculum will have when put to the test this fall!