In this episode of “Inside Inventionland,” we meet Creationeer Megan, who keeps design projects moving forward.

The latest and greatest episode of Inside Inventionland is ready for your viewing pleasure! In this episode, we sat down with Creationeer Megan, who gave us an inside look at her career and personal life, too!

As a Creationeer whose focus is making sure projects get completed on time, Megan knows a thing or two about organization and keeping projects on the straight and narrow.

“I’m the person that makes it go from step-to-step for each project…” said Megan.

It’s Megan’s job to keep projects moving forward and she’ll make sure that designers and builders are in the know on what needs to be completed and when.

“Whatever step it’s on, I make it move forward,” says Megan.

In this episode, Megan gets personal, sharing her own story of survival and a glimpse into what she’s expecting in the near future.

During Inside Inventionland, we find out why Megan is particularly Kraft-y in the kitchen, why she thinks the “Willy Wonka land” where she works is such a “good environment” and much more!

See the episode for yourself:

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