Pittsburgh is home to our 61,000 square-foot creative work space where we work with our cutting edge equipment. Speaking of cutting, at Inventionland, we also use our state-of-the-art laser cutter to precisely cut or intricately engrave plastic, cardboard, wood and other materials in our Laser Shop.

Not only is Pittsburgh our home, it’s also home to another company called Red Ant Lasers, who have invented a new portable laser cutter by the name of the Origami.

We think that this laser cutter is particularly interesting due to its design, which makes it the very first laser cutter with a fold-out arm and no limiting enclosure.

The inventive design of the Origami will enable users to cut almost anywhere they wish with a laser, thanks to this portable cutter solution.

Just as we know it at Inventionland, the inventors of the Origami have said that lasers are versatile tools that allow people to make almost anything with them. In fact, from our Laser Shop, we were able to create the Half N Half Cupcake Pan that was featured on QVC!

This company in particular found a better way to make this type of technology portable. This new invention folds to save space and can be used in a variety of ways, like vertical for walls and windows and horizontal for tables. There isn’t any limiting enclosure, so users have the chance to create great works of art by moving the laser across the work area.

How did the inventors from Red Ant Lasers create the Origami?The versatility of this invention can be credited to its patented folding arm technology and its self-contained ventilation system. This piece of equipment doesn’t require large hoses and other special electrical components. In fact, all that it needs is to be plugged in and you can open the arm and begin your project.

Here’s a better look at the Origami in action!

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