To most people, relaxation and therapy involve a bowl of popcorn, a comfy couch, and a Netflix subscription. But to makers, those activities just leave them lethargic and unsatisfied. Maker therapy involves hammers, nails, and two hands. With all of this time and so many possible projects on the horizon, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Luckily, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

1) Interior Window

Creating an interior window between rooms in your home is a great way to not only to enhance your decor, but also to maximize the light traveling from room to room. We’re sure we all need as much Vitamin D as we can get during these trying times, right? With just a few simple tools, wood, and paneling you can peer at your spouse through your new decorative window space. Plus creating this barrier can help your family practice social distancing between rooms in your home if you need to have a guest over!

2) Meditation Waterfall

Given all of the stress that we’re currently experiencing, taking care of our mental health is important- especially because stress can lower your immune system. Tools like yoga and meditation can be great ways to center yourself and let go of some of your worries. Using leftover water bottles to create this LED Meditation Waterfall can not only enhance your meditating sessions but also give you a time-consuming and useful project to complete as well.

3) Vertical Indoor Garden

We’re all missing the outdoors as we try to stay inside and safe as much as possible. Well, this Maker project can bring some outdoor feel into your own home. Creating a vertical garden requires very few tools and it can be an awesome way to house some plants and breathe some natural air into the house. The rustic wood design further calls to natural elements as well as acting like a sturdy pillar to hold up any plant you’d like to have at home.

4) Deck Couch

When your only outdoor time is being spent on your deck, yelling across the lawn to say hi to the neighbors from a distance, you know how important that time is. Creating a comfortable and rustic deck sofa will not only give you another great project to complete, but it will also give you more space for you and your family to sit outside together. As the weather gets warmer and the desire to spend time outdoors becomes more and more potent, having some extra seating to sit on or even lay out on will be much appreciated.

5) Indoor Climbing Wall

For all the parents out there who are currently quarantined with their children… may the force be with you. We love having our family so close, but being around them 24/7 can drive us up a wall… which is actually a great idea. You’ll kill a lot of hours on this project, but your children will kill many more on the endless fun they’ll have climbing and adventuring on the walls within their own home. Just make sure to lay some cushions or mats on the floor for the more adventurous climbers to have safe landings!

6) Mini Arcade Soccer Game Cardboard

If you’re a Maker parent looking for a quick project that you can finish in a day, but will provide your kids with days of fun- this is it! Create your own mini-arcade soccer game using cardboard, paint, popsicle sticks, and magnets. Not only will your kids get hours of entertainment out of the game, but you could even do this Maker project together as a family- get them started young, right?

7) Dog Brain Game

All the puppy paw-rents out there who are stuck inside with their furry friends are probably wishing they could give their little one the exercise and socialization that they crave. But, since we can’t keep our pups as socialized or exercised as they crave, we can still find a way to give them some mental exercise. This DIY game will give your pup some much-needed exercise and treats while also acting as the perfect use for any extra wood you have lying around your garage.