Here is the perfect example of how listening to your consumers can help you better adapt your product line.

A company that Inventionland has done package design for in the past came to us with a problem they noticed while listening to their consumers. The original product, Push Pops; was a product that made it easy for children to eat ice cream. All the parent had to do was scoop their child’s favorite ice cream into the Push Pop, making it easy to grab and go while also helping eliminate the mess of a bowl for ice cream.

After taking into consideration what some people were using the Push Pop for, the company decided to take action. They reached out to Inventionland for help repackaging this product so it would be more geared toward what their consumers were actually using it for. Thus, the Pupsicle was born.

It turns out; consumers were using this product originally intended for children – to feed their dogs ice cream.

It just goes to show that repackaging can bring a product back to life after its intended use no longer fulfills the needs of the consumer. Listening to your consumers is a major factor on whether or not your product will be successful. It is important to constantly adapt your product line to help give the consumers what they are looking for.

Inventionland tackles projects like this all the time, helping reintroduce products into an already competitive market is a challenge our team is always up for!


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