Since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently visited the United States, we thought that it would only make sense to expand on the royal subject by discussing the topic of the 3D-printing service that the Royal Mail is currently testing!

Royal Mail is now taking their delivery system to another dimension!

Though it’s only a trial run to gauge the interest of 3D printing, Royal Mail will be involving 3D-printing company, iMakr, to install printers in Royal Mail’s New Cavendish Street delivery office in London.

The reason for the installments of these 3D printers is to offer customers the option of custom designs and ready-to-print objects.

Chief Customer Officer for Royal Mail Mike Newnham noted that through the addition of these 3D printers, Royal Mail is making 3D printing more accessible to small businesses and consumers alike who might not have the funds to invest in a 3D printer of their own.

Additionally, now that the holiday season is in full effect and your gift shopping should be for the most part complete, for those people who like to wait until the last minute to shop for and mail their presents, 3D printing through Royal Mail could potentially help get them out of the holiday bind.

How so? Well, for starters, Royal Mail would allow a person to 3D print their goods in store and ship them immediately afterwards.

If this 3D printing idea sticks with Royal Mail, people will be able to bring in their own creations or, if a person is really in a pinch, they can pick from standard designs that range from a wine cooler to a stamp magnet!

Essentially, Royal Mail would turn into a one-stop-shop for sending 3D-printed gifts to family and friends!

Take a look at this cool time lapse video of Royal Mail’s 3D-printing endeavor!

Over the next five years, it’s projected that 3D-printing services that create items and then ship them to customers will increase and Royal Mail looks to capitalize on this opportunity.

But, for now, as the trial is underway, only time will tell if 3D printing will be a mainstay with Royal Mail!

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