The Inventionland website is back and better than ever! On our newly re-designed site and blog, we will be sharing more with you than ever before! From new innovative trends in the invention industry, to news from around our 61,000 square-foot creative workspace, we will be talking all things innovation and invention!

At Inventionland, the world’s largest invention factory, we have developed an invention method which is the single most economical way to turn an idea into a mass-producible prototype. The process goes a little something like this: we research, design, engineer, build, package, and present new products to corporations for potential licensing deals!

In fact, for the first time ever, we are going to give you an inside look at some of our most prized possessions that we use every day through our tried and true process.  This has helped our products sell in over 1,200 online and retail stores and have won numerous industry awards!

Without further ado, here are some of our most prized possessions that we are excited to show you!

Rapid prototyping? Yep, we’ve got it! A 3D printer? Try 27 3D printers, two of which were built from 3D printed parts! Prototypes? Absolutely! We will build you a working prototype of your idea! Although these are just a few of the capabilities that we offer to all of our clients, we have much, much more to show you and for the first time ever, we are opening the doors of Inventionland and taking you on a behind-the-scenes look into our creative world!

So, if you haven’t done so already, take some time to explore our newly re-designed website, we hope you like what you see enough to submit your new invention idea!