In episode six of Inside Inventionland, we sit down with Creationeer Emily to learn more about why she loves rapid prototyping and more.

At Inventionland, our Creationeers come from all over and have found their way to our invention factory to indulge their creativity day in and day out. “I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio originally… I love Pittsburgh way better!” said Emily. As a Creationeer whose focus is predominately on rapid prototyping, Emily has the chance to work with our 3D printers to turn ideas into tangible reality. For Emily, she likes seeing things as a process, manipulating them herself and actually being in charge of the process. This is why she loves the hands-on approach that she takes when carrying out certain tasks. When asked what it was like when she arrived for her interview at Inventionland, she simply said, “It’s like working at Disney World.” So, from playing soccer to rocking out on a drum set, it’s safe to say that Emily is a jack of all trades.  Catch her episode of Inside Inventionland below! If you’d like to see more of where that came from, be sure to check our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel today to see more Inside Inventionland episodes! Copyright Inventionland, 2016