Winsun, a Shanghai-based company, is at it again!

The 3D-printing company didn’t just 3D print one building, they 3D printed TWO buildings!

Recently, Winsun printed a five-story apartment building and an 11,840 square foot mansion!

The 3D printing company successfully completed this project by using a 500-foot-long 3D printer that uses recycled industrial waste to create new building materials for the structures.

As a note, this type of printing offers 10 times the efficiency in comparison to traditional construction and has the potential to reduce energy consumption by 30-70 percent!

But, as we said before in a previous blog about Winsun, Rome wasn’t built in a day; but, one level of the residential block was! However, it did take another five days to actually put the levels together!

Why is Winsun so good at 3D printing large structures? It’s because they specialize in 3D printers that are made solely for construction!

The 3D printers that the company uses produce layers of construction material, one on top of another, in order to form densely-packed building blocks.

The “ink” that is used throughout the building process, generally consists of glass fiber, cement and a hardening agent. Additionally, the ink is self-insulating and flexible. It’s been said that it is resistant to strong earthquakes as well!

As of late, the company is planning to expand their 3D-printed capabilities to 20 additional countries and Winsun also believes that their innovation can be used to build homes in developing countries or areas that have been struck by disaster.

Only time will tell what Winsun has planned for the future!

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