PITTSBURGH PA. – April, 9, 2010 – The recently published coffee table book, “The World’s First Inventionland,” which showcases George Davison’s realized vision of “the world’s most creative workplace,” is now available online at Amazon.com.

“I feel great about the initial feedback that’s come in from people who have seen it,” said Davison. “We put the book together to inspire creative people, and we seem to have done so; their responses have inspired me. They love the photography; they love the whole concept of what we’re doing. That’s very rewarding, so I’m real happy with it.”

In the introduction, “Inventionland, Welcome to the Idea Age,” Mr. Davison, also founder and CEO of the creative design firm headquartered in O’Hara Township, writes: “In this idea age, people know they need to be constantly inventing, creating and innovating to keep up. So we invented a process and a place to empower a more creative state of mind … Our mission is to release that creator within.”

The quick read features dazzling photography and whimsical descriptions that showcase the 16 creative environments housed within the design facility, such as a shipwrecked pirate ship, a waterfall-draped cave and a larger-than-life robot. Several fold-out pages reveal the scope of the facility, including a 4 ½-foot-long, four-page centerfold with Inventalot Castle, “a place of inspiration and magic,” at the center.

The book offers a unique glimpse into the fantastical design facility, as well as the inventive mind of its creator. At the heart of it all is his creative office, Davy’s Treehouse, which is suspended on a large faux tree above a stream fed from a waterfall. Designers, engineers and builders also can be seen creating in their one-of-a-kind offices and then bringing the new product samples to life in high-tech shops.

On the final page where he is pictured with his team of “Creationeers,” Davison concludes: “With the world’s most advanced creative facility fueling our imaginations and inspiring our vision, we can develop things that the world has never seen before.”

Davison is hopeful that the book will inspire others to also “move their ideas from their mind to the real world. I hope seeing what we’ve created with Inventionland can in some small way inspire people to continue to create all sorts of good things for our future.”

The back cover of the book features numerous comments about Inventionland by notable journalists and professionals, including:

“Combine the mass-production practicality of Henry Ford, the creative inventiveness of Thomas Edison and the magic of Walt Disney as he tells a story and the result is Inventionland.” – Donna J. Domin, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“A living example of what makes America great. The entrepreneurial spirit you have demonstrated is fantastic.” – Dr. Joseph Donahue, Former CEO of RCA

“Inventionland is a creative haven…” – Mike Lee, WQED Media

“Tree-Mendous Office.” – Ripley’s Believe It or Not

“Creative Genius… there’s nothing like a little fantasy to get imaginations – and business – moving.” – J. Michael Krivyanski, Entrepreneur Magazine

Davison is a new product development company that has created a method of building ideas into products that makes the process affordable for inventors, corporations and entrepreneurs.

Products designed by Davison have sold in stores across the U.S., including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Home Depot, Sears, K-Mart, JC Penney, Jo-Ann Stores, FAO Schwarz, Cabela’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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