Even though the weather is quickly changing and the cold, winter months are imminent, innovation doesn’t stop and this company is serving up a new tennis invention!

The name of the company is Zepp and their invention is a tennis sensor that can be swapped from racquet to racquet all the while collecting meaningful data to help the user better his or her tennis game.

Now, this isn’t Zepp’s first rodeo; in fact, their other sensors have been used for baseball and golf. But, today, we are going to focus on Zepp’s sensor for tennis, the Flex Mount. This gadget fits onto the base of the racquet handle and the sensor snaps into a rubber cradle on the end. Weighing in at only 17 grams, you’ll barely know it’s on your racquet!

The way that this sensor works is that once a user swings the racquet, the sensor captures the data, which is then sent via Bluetooth to an app that is on your mobile phone.

The data, which is collected from the sensor, offers a 360-degree view of your serve, impact point, range of motion, angles and racquet speed.

Additionally, Zepp offers the user a graph that shows the fluctuations in their backhand, forehand, serve and smash during their session.

As it stands, the Zepp sensor allows a user to, “practice with purpose,” as it records useful information. However, some reviews of this invention show that the user can’t tell exactly when the data was recorded during their session, which is a problem that users hope Zepp will iron out in the near future.

But, as with any other invention, the Zepp sensor has room to grow and tennis players everywhere who are looking to improve their game can use this invention to help enhance their skill sets.

Here’s a quick video to show you the Zepp tennis sensor in action:

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