Finding Cost-Effective Solutions to Clients’ Problems

After product research has been completed on a new idea that is submitted to Inventionland, the design team can work on finding possible solutions for the problem that a client’s idea is trying to solve.

That design process includes brainstorming with team members, sketching out ideas, creating cardboard concepts or input models to test those ideas; then, a finalized design is digitally drawn and sent to be engineered.

Designing Cost-Effective Products for Corporations

A new product’s design plays an integral part when it comes to licensing a product, because manufacturers are always concerned with cost. So, a major part of the design process at Inventionland involves not only finding a solution that solves an inventor’s problem, but also is cost-effective when it comes to production.

The BagStor is an excellent example of the way innovative, cost-effective design plays an important role in product success. Inventionland designers created a plastic prototype of the BagStor, a product solution for storing plastic grocery bags, and presented it to the Jokari corporation. Jokari loved the idea and chose to pursue it, along with a high-end stainless steel model. Because Inventionland designers were able to prove that the new product idea could be manufactured cost-effectively, the manufacturing company chose to build it and enhance it!