The Story

Finding a place to store plastic grocery bags can be difficult. Keeping them neat and tidy in one place can be an even bigger challenge. What if there was a handy way to store bags so they could be reused?

The Solution

The BagStor is a product that Inventionland improved upon for ease of storing and accessing grocery bags. The open front design and easy fastening method enables the user to place the BagStor virtually anywhere. The variation in materials also ensures there is a style and color to satisfy both the savvy and the fashionable consumer.


The BagStor solves the problem of neatly storing extra plastic grocery bags. It is designed with an open front and easy fastener, so bags are easy to access and it can be conveniently hung anywhere.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

Technical Drawings

Sold In

Bed Bath and Beyond