The Story

Jokari/US, Inc. was looking for a better way to baste without having the bristles of an ordinary basting brush fall out on to your food. They also wanted to make the process more efficient, allowing for quicker application and quicker clean up time. Therefore, they created the silicone Basting Brush! However, this helpful gadget was in need of a packaging design that would highlight its benefits and uses.

The Solution

The Basting Brush’s silicone fibers make it unique as they will not fall out and clean much easier than traditional basting brush fibers. The unique design of the brush allows the baster to screw on to almost any sauce bottle and the built-in flow control ensures that just the right amount of baste comes out of the bottle as you squeeze. It’s these features and benefits that the talented designers at Inventionland had to creatively work into the product packaging.

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