The Story

Imagine this. It’s a warm summer afternoon and you’ve been outside all day. You reach into your cooler and grab an ice cold beverage. In efforts to twist the cap off the bottle or crack the tab of the can, you can’t seem to get a good grip. Now, your thirst intensifies. What do you do?

The Solution

Rather than deny yourself this ice cold refreshment, you reach for the Mountain Dew Beverage Opener to solve this problem. Talented Creationeers designed the Beverage Opener right here at Inventionland with product and packaging in Mountain Dew branding fit to fall under Jokari/US, Inc.’s innovative line of Mountain Dew beverage gadgets. This innovative product makes opening your favorite beverage an easy task. Used for twist-offs, pop-tops and pull tabs, Mountain Dew-lovers are able to open bottles and cans with ease thanks to non-slip grip teeth incorporated as a key aspect of the overall design.

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