The Story

We go through a lot of struggles in life, so something as simple as opening a bottle of your favorite beverage shouldn’t be one of them. Jokari/US, Inc. wanted an easy-to-use beverage opener for their innovative collection of Pepsi Heritage and Pepsi Modern beverage gadgets to help struggling hands twist off a bottle cap or crack the tab of a soda can with ease.

The Solution

Skilled Creationeers at Inventionland knew they had to design a unique beverage opener that would not only be able to help struggling hands open tricky caps and tabs, but also design the product and packaging in a way that fit both the Jokari and Pepsi brands. By creating the multi-functional Beverage Opener as an innovative tool to be used for twist-offs, pop-tops and pull tabs, Pepsi-lovers are able to utilize the opener as a solid grip to get them closer to enjoying their favorite fizzy drink.

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