The Story

What’s better than a refreshing, thirst-quenching soda? Though you may love an ice cold beverage and the bubbling carbonation of your favorite soda, you likely don’t like the potential for spills or for pesky bugs and insects to crawl in when enjoying outdoors. Not to mention, bottled drinks that come from a vending machine are sometimes dirty, leaving soda-lovers pressed to lock their lips to something more than just their favorite drink.

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers designed the Bottle Straw (1 Pack) product and packaging for Jokari/US, Inc.’s collection of Mountain Dew beverage gadgets. Created as a solution to help a soda lover enjoy a refreshing Mountain Dew without worries of spills or more, Creationeers designed a unique straw with a plug that holds the straw securely in place. Designed to fit most soda and water bottles, the Bottle Straw helps to prevent spills. Now, soda lovers everywhere can enjoy their favorite soft drink through a straw!

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