The Story

Many beverage drinkers love nothing more than the refreshing taste of a crisp soda. While some may prefer drinking from the bottle, wouldn’t it be great to have a straw that doesn’t just sit in the bottle for a soda-lover’s drinking pleasure, but also could help prevent spills, too?

The Solution

Creationeers at Inventionland analyzed this idea and created Bottle Straws as a solution, designed in Mountain Dew-branded packaging for Jokari/US, Inc.’s innovative collection of Mountain Dew beverage gadgets. Mountain Dew Bottle Straws were created with a unique plug that fits the opening of most soda and water bottles. A straw fits snuggly into the center of the plug for more Mountain Dew sipping enjoyment and less of a chance for spills. Top your straw off with the attached bottle cap lid to keep insects out. Because two is better than one, Creationeers packaged Mountain Dew Bottle Straws into a 2-pack.

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