The Story

Drinking soda from the bottle on-the-go is cool and refreshing. When you’re thirsty and craving your favorite soda, the closest vending machine seems like a good option; but, not all soda-lovers like pressing their lips to a bottle that’s been dirtied by the vending machine. With this problem in mind, Jokari/US, Inc. was looking to have the perfect bottle-top straw created for their Pepsi Heritage and Pepsi Modern beverage gadget collections to allow soda to be enjoyed on-the-go with ease.

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers got to work developing Bottle Straws and their Pepsi packaging to provide Jokari and soda lovers with an easy solution. By creating a straw that fits snuggly on most any bottled soda, there is lower risk for spills. No more screwing the cap off to take a drink and screwing it back on, Bottle Straws stay in place and have a cap for the tip of the straw to close. BPA-free Bottle Straws are sanitary, effective and perfect for soda-lovers on-the-go!

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