The Story

For years, soda drinkers have enjoyed their favorite fizzy beverages, like a refreshing Mountain Dew, straight from the can. With a pop of the pull-tab, soda lovers were on their way to enjoying every sip. However, when cans of soda aren’t finished in one sitting, there’s no way to close and store the can away for later enjoyment. Even when placed in the refrigerator upright, there is great potential for a spill.

The Solution

Jokari/US, Inc. looked to Inventionland Creationeers to come up with a solution for this common problem. So, the talented team got to work on product and packaging development for new Can Caps (available in a two pack) that would fit well within Jokari’s Mountain Dew beverage gadget collection. Can Caps were designed to fit easily onto any standard-size soda can. With a grated opening and flip-top lid that folds down to close the opening, the beverage can be enjoyed with the cap attached, lid closed and stored for later – a simple solution for zero spills.

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